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Fizz, crackle, pop! You clinked glasses with friends, counted down as the ball dropped at midnight, wore your best party dress, and watched as fireworks shot off into the night sky! Now it's time to decide what you're doing with the next 365 days!

Roughly 45% of American start the New Year off with a New Year’s resolution, and of that more than half will give up on their New Year resolution within 6 months (that’s if they make it that far)! So how can we avoid “being one of them?” Whether your goal is to finish a book, take more naps, or vowing to eat healthier- these simple steps can help you achieve the “New You” this year!

Know what you want- Be specific with your goals so you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish this year. Create an action plan for your goals, and include mini goals as stepping stones until you reach your ultimate goal. Be realistic with setting attainable goals and don’t set yourself up for failure. If you want to read more books, pick a book and set an end date of when you will finish chapter 2, 6 and 12 by.

Treat Yo’ Self: Props to those of you who can stop bad behaviors and never look back. Not all of us can quit cold turkey like that! So make sure when you are eliminating one “bad” thing from your life, replace it with something good to help you fill the time or space. This will help increase your confidence and help that goal be associated with something positive!  Treat yourself to Starbucks as you crack open that book for the first time!

Let the World Know: It is scary to come out and tell the world what you are about to do! This does not necessarily mean you have to blast your before pics all over the web! Share your goal with your closest friends and family members who can offer encouragement and support through your journey. Sharing your goals may help you feel more obligated to fulfill your goals, in return making more of a drive to achieve them.

Best wishes this New Year and Cheers to 2018!